Partnering with a recruitment agency: how to be a good client

Working with a recruitment agency is an opportunity to tap into expert hiring and market knowledge. Recruiters have an extensive network of roles and candidates, along with the passion to match the right people with the right job. Their goal is to learn all they can about a job role and make sure the hiring process is as seamless as possible. Therefore, partnering with a recruitment agency can save you time and remove any of the stress associated with filling a role. But to get the most benefit from your partnership you need to consider how you can build a strong relationship with your recruiter. Here are some tips for being a good client:

Treat the recruiter like a valued business partner

You might have a good understanding of the market and candidate pool, but chances are that your recruitment agency has a better understanding. Treat your recruiter like the expert that they are and trust their advice. They’ll have informed opinions about the salary bracket that you should be offering based on the job description and will provide invaluable information about whether your expectations of the caliber of candidates you’ll attract are realistic.

Keep to the time frame

A lot of organization goes into the job application process and it’s a recruiter’s responsibility to communicate between the client and candidates. Any small change to the time frame - such as pushing the interview stage back - means the recruiter has to get in touch with each candidate and handle any frustrations. Being unreliable also provides a poor candidate experience and damages your employer reputation, so while it may be unavoidable in some cases, do your best to stick to the time frame.

If you let a recruiter know that the role is urgent, be urgent with your responses. When they send over a shortlist of candidates, make it your priority to read over them and offer them the same response time that they gave you. Showing the recruitment agency that you’re reliable and dependable will improve your relationship and ensure they you receive a high level of service for future roles.

Focus on employee retention

Once a candidate’s first day comes around it may seem like the job of attracting them is complete. However, the first few weeks are essential, both for contract and permanent employees. The hiring process will have given them an idea of what to expect from the role and an insight into the company culture, but to retain employees and keep the best contractors for future work you need to focus on candidate experience.

Here are some of the top reasons that employees leave their jobs:

  • The role wasn’t what they expected
  • They didn’t receive enough training
  • A poor relationship with their manager
  • An unfriendly culture

Consider these points when planning the candidate’s induction and check in with them regularly to find out how they could be happier in the role. Any poor experiences during the first months will be difficult to forget, so it’s important to focus on employee retention from the beginning and not treat it as an afterthought.

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