Partnering with a recruitment agency: how to be a good candidate

Working with a recruitment agency is an opportunity to tap into expert hiring and market knowledge. Recruiters have an extensive network of roles and candidates, along with the passion to help people find their perfect job. They take the time to learn all they can about a job role and provide support at every stage of the hiring process. Therefore, partnering with a recruitment agency can save you time and remove any of the stress associated with finding a role. But to get the most benefit from your partnership you need to consider how you can build a strong relationship with your recruiter. Here's how to be a good candidate:

Read the job description

It’s not uncommon for candidates to send out batches of job applications, thinking that the more they apply for, the better their chances of landing a job. This approach ignores the fact that each job advertisement is different. While the job title may be the same, each company will ask for a different mix of skills, qualifications and experience, so it’s important to read over the job description. Approaching the job hunt like this will save you the time you’d spend applying for roles that you’re overqualified or underqualified for. Plus, reading the job description closely and researching the company will get you excited about the job and give you the motivation to tailor your resume specifically for the role.

Only make committed job applications

Uncommitted job hunting is where candidates apply for roles simply because they’re intrigued about what else is out there. These candidates may have no intention to accept an offer that comes their way, but the hiring manager will be committed from their end and will put their time into the hiring process. Before you start applying for roles, ask yourself if you’re serious about leaving your current position.

The average time to hire is 42 days but this number jumps up for each candidate that applies for the role. While it’s true that any recruiter’s dream is to have a healthy amount of interest shown in their roles, engaging with each candidate costs them time and lengthens the hiring process. As the recruitment process progresses it’s the hiring manager’s job to narrow the candidate pool and if you’re still in the running at this stage you’re likely to take the position over someone who is committed to the job hunt.

Keep in touch

When face-to-face interaction in the recruitment process is limited and digital interviews replace in-person interviews, it can seem an easier option to stop replying to a recruiter than to reach out and tell them that you’re no longer interested. However, an email stating that you’ve found another position or have decided it’s not the right role for you will take a few minutes to send and pays the recruiter or hiring manager the respect that you owe them.

You might have never met the recruiter in person, but you still need to show appreciation for their time and be upfront. If you get a job offer from another company and no longer intend on turning up for an arranged interview, email or call the recruiter straight away. It’s a professional courtesy to give the recruiter as much notice as you can and something they’ll be very thankful for. Alternatively, if you realize that the role isn’t suitable you should get in touch to thank the hiring manager for their time and tell them that you no longer wish to be considered for the role.

The same principles apply when declining a job offer. You may realize that the position isn’t right for you but if you made a connection with the recruiter or hiring manager, sending a thank you email is a great opportunity to let them know you’d like to be considered for future roles that are more suitable.

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