Charleston, South Carolina

4000 Faber Place, Suite 225 

North Charleston, SC 29405 

Phone: 854-222-3210

email: info@trscraftservices.com

Southeastern regional office serving the southern US specializing in manufacturing, skilled trades, warehousing & logistics and construction.

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Costa Mesa, California

3337 Susan St, Suite 175 

Costa Mesa, CA 92626 

Phone: 949 349 6167

Fax: 949 349 7196

email: info@trscraftservices.com

West regional office serving the west coast and Pacific Northwest specializing in manufacturing, production, fabrication, warehousing, logistics and maintenance.

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Dallas, Texas

13747 Montfort, Suite160

Dallas, TX 75240 

Phone: 972 450 4178

email: info@trscraftservices.com

Mid-west regional office serving North Texas and the Midwest US region specializing in manufacturing, production, fabrication, logistics, maintenance and skilled trades.

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Greenville, South Carolina

30 Patewood Drive, Suite 155

Greenville, South Carolina

Phone: 864 281 8850

Fax: 864 676 7639

email: info@trscraftservices.com

Mid-Atlantic regional office serving the East coast through the Ohio Valley region specializing in manufacturing, automotive, logistics and skilled trades.

Houston, Texas

3151 Briarpark Drive, Suite 850

Houston, TEXAS 877042 

Phone: 832 783 6150 

Fax: 832 783 6150
Email: info@trscraftservices.com

Southwest regional office serving Texas, the Gulf Coast and the Southwest US specializing in oil & gas, construction, manufacturing, energy, warehousing, logistics and skilled trades.

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