At TRS Craft Services we are specialists in Craft Talent Solutions in Aerospace. Our service is based on responsiveness, understanding client needs and providing qualified candidates.

TRS offers the flexibility to manage your staffing needs by providing nationwide craft and labor recruiting, local and travel skilled craftsmen and the services and cooperation you need to need for your unique needs.

  • Composites Manufacturing
  • Machine Operators
  • Specialty Welders
  • Mold Prep Techs
  • Metal and Wax Cell Operators
  • Casting Techs
  • Mechanics
  • Assembly
  • Paint
  • Finish

We also offer full agency management/managed services, vendor-on premise, search and selection and payroll management services, plus powerful web-based e-recruitment tools to help identify and attract the best available candidates worldwide. Our Aerospace recruitment operations are supported by a strong back office of dedicated support staff that are committed to providing timely and accurate payment and invoicing, managing information flow and overseeing compliance on all projects.

TRS Craft understands the needs of the Aerospace Industry. We will meet or exceed your compliance requirements, we are ISO 9001 Certified, we create tailor-made custom background checks, drug testing programs and safety to meet your requirements. TRS is built on effective, quality management. Contact us today to see what your staffing can be like.

As part of our commitment, we carry out formal customer reviews to identify several measures of client satisfaction. Through regular face-to-face meetings with our clients contacts, allowing TRS Craft Services to gather valuable insight into the your organization and business needs to improve our own service strength helping us to build trusting business relationships.

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